Udo Care

Healthcare Collaboration Made Simple

Udo Care is a communication and collaboration tool for healthcare. Click the button below to sign up for launch date updates and other notifications.

Udo has improved my practice and made coordination with my referring doctors seamless.

Dr S. Ryan Facer

Stay Connected With Your Healthcare Network

Team dynamics designed for case reconciliation and continuity of care.



Primary Doctors


Billing Coordinators


Imaging Centers




Nurse Practitioners

Family & Friends

Confidence Through Collaboration

Udo Care allows you to connect and share information in an easy to use platform that transcends current forms or formats of communication. Stay connected with your referral sources like never before. Udo Care sets a new standard of accountability for everyone involved.

Secure Records Transfer Made Easy

Healthcare technology generates findings that are life saving. Unfortunately they are a nightmare to transfer quickly and easily. Udo changes that.

Compliant Secure Sharing
Udo is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Better Staff Integration

Bring your front and back office teams together. As your team connects, patient experience will improve and office redundancy will be drastically reduced.

Comprehensive Documentation

With Udo, you and your patients can document and save all communications, messages, and instruction.

Catch moments of clarity

Maintain accuracy

Reclaim wasted time

We Are Going To Change Everything

…and we’re just getting started.

v 1.0

Udo Access

v 2.0

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v 3.0

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v 4.0

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